What is a “Fat Soul”???

Hello My Beautiful Soul Fatties,

My name is Kellie, I was encouraged to start this blog for my love of food, fun, and family! This blog will unveil the GOOD, BAD, & UGLY of foods and I will provide tasty receipts in some of my blogs! It is not my intent to offend anyone or establishments, however I want to provide the view point from one consumer to another.

A LITTLE ABOUT ME…I have an intense love for food! I look forward to traveling for the experience of different cultures, ethnicities and FOOD!  Loving food is not bad, And MODERATION is the key! I thought loving food was something to be embarrassed of! BUT WHY??? Eating is a part of life, and one thing I love to do is experience life and live it to the fullest!

So what is a Fat Soul?

It is having an over indulgent “LOVE” for food, however food consumption should ALWAYS be moderate! You never want to over indulge in food due to risk factors and potential health issues. Healthy living is a MUST, and exercise and moderate eating should be implemented, EVEN if you are a Soul Fatty!





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